Department of State Development

The advisory panels are forums for discussing proposed procurement and contracting matters, practices and policies that impact the relevant sector.

The panels make recommendations to the Industry Participation Advocate (IPA) about:

  • reforms to government practices and processes (including procurement) to ensure local businesses are not disadvantaged and the benefits of buying locally are taken into account when assessing the relative value of applications from local businesses
  • identifying new ways to drive local investment, develop strong value chains from the State’s annual procurement and contracting spend, support the various industry sectors and better leverage opportunities for innovation
  • opportunities to improve and build upon the objectives of the Industry Participation Policy (IPP)
  • applying outcome-based tendering and contracts [ES1] [ES2] [CV3] to drive innovation, increase opportunities for locally base and improve the value proposition for Government.

The panels are non-statutory advisory committees that cover various industry sectors and innovative thinking:

  • Advanced Technologies Advisory Panel
  • Building and Construction Advisory Panel
  • Creative Industries Advisory Panel
  • Goods and Services Advisory Panel
  • Professional Services Advisory Panel
  • Major Projects Advisory Panel
  • Innovation Think Tank.

Each panel includes at least one member with recent and relevant industry experience. Members are volunteers appointed by the IPA and memberships are attached to the individual rather than their position title.


Advisory Panel Members
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Performance Based Tendering Paper
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