Department of State Development

Transitional resources and downloads 
(operating until 1 October 2017)

Employment Contribution Test (ECT)

ECT for Metro Adelaide
Download DOCX | 446 KB
ECT for Regional SA
Download DOCX | 434 KB

IPP Plan

Standard Plan
Download DOCX | 362 KB
Assessment Criteria
Download DOCX | 226 KB
Standard Plan Report
Download DOCX | 352 KB

Northern Economic Plan Region

Download PDF | 763 KB
ECT for Northern Adelaide
Download DOCX | 471 KB
IPP Plan for Northern Adelaide
Download DOCX | 555 KB
Assessment Criteria
Download PDF | 905 KB

Upper Spencer Gulf Economic Participation Region

Recently the Government of South Australia declared the Upper Spencer Gulf an Economic Participation Region. The Frequently Asked Questions provide a summary of how this will operate and the list of project opportunities will be useful for businesses wanting to be involved.

Frequently Asked Questions
Download PDF | 422 KB
Contract Opportunities
Download PDF | 422 KB
Procedural Guidelines Supplement
Download PDF | 269 KB

Industry Participation Policy

Download PDF | 523 KB
Download PDF | 830 KB
Download PDF | 506 KB

See the reference documents which will operate from 1 October 2017 onward and will be required to be used.

South Australian Steel Economic Participation Policy

South Australian Steel Economic Participation Policy
Download PDF | 364 KB

Media releases supporting the Industry Advocate Bill

Industry Advocate Bill
Download PDF | 60 KB
Consult Australia
Download PDF | 308 KB
Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors’ Association of SA
Download PDF | 288 KB
Australian Steel Institute
Download PDF | 141 KB
Australian Subcontractors Association
Download PDF | 304 KB


Deloitte’s Report
Download PDF | 1.22 MB
Tender Ready Report
Download PDF | 989 KB

Discussion papers

Suppliers as Partners
Download DOCX | 193 KB
Performance Based Tendering Paper
Download PDF | 505 KB


State Government Building and Construction Projects
Download PDF | 653 KB
Prequalification and Panel Handbook
Download PDF | 530 KB
Tender Ready Handbook
Download PDF | 1.8 MB

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