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From 1 October 2017, all procurements approved will use the new Economic Contribution Test and updated Industry Participation Plan. They can be found here along with updated policy documents as well.

If you have been directed here to complete one of these templates, it is because the procurement was approved prior to 1 October 2017. These templates will remain on this website until mid-December as an interim measure to cover this period of transition.

Transitional resources and downloads 
(operating until 1 October 2017)

Employment Contribution Test (ECT)

ECT for Metro Adelaide
Download DOCX | 446 KB
ECT for Regional SA
Download DOCX | 434 KB

IPP Plan

Standard Plan
Download DOCX | 362 KB
Assessment Criteria
Download DOCX | 226 KB
Standard Plan Report
Download DOCX | 352 KB

Northern Economic Plan Region

Download PDF | 763 KB
ECT for Northern Adelaide
Download DOCX | 471 KB
IPP Plan for Northern Adelaide
Download DOCX | 555 KB
Assessment Criteria
Download PDF | 905 KB

Upper Spencer Gulf Economic Participation Region

Recently the Government of South Australia declared the Upper Spencer Gulf an Economic Participation Region. The Frequently Asked Questions provide a summary of how this will operate and the list of project opportunities will be useful for businesses wanting to be involved.

Frequently Asked Questions
Download PDF | 422 KB
Contract Opportunities
Download PDF | 422 KB
Procedural Guidelines Supplement
Download PDF | 269 KB

Industry Participation Policy

Download PDF | 523 KB
Download PDF | 830 KB
Download PDF | 506 KB

See the reference documents which will operate from 1 October 2017 onward and will be required to be used.

South Australian Steel Economic Participation Policy

South Australian Steel Economic Participation Policy
Download PDF | 364 KB

Media releases supporting the Industry Advocate Bill

Industry Advocate Bill
Download PDF | 60 KB
Consult Australia
Download PDF | 308 KB
Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors’ Association of SA
Download PDF | 288 KB
Australian Steel Institute
Download PDF | 141 KB
Australian Subcontractors Association
Download PDF | 304 KB


Deloitte’s Report
Download PDF | 1.22 MB
Tender Ready Report
Download PDF | 989 KB

Discussion papers

Suppliers as Partners
Download DOCX | 193 KB
Performance Based Tendering Paper
Download PDF | 505 KB


State Government Building and Construction Projects
Download PDF | 653 KB
Prequalification and Panel Handbook
Download PDF | 530 KB
Tender Ready Handbook
Download PDF | 1.8 MB

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