Department of State Development

Industry participation in government contracting has now become a critical consideration for all areas of State Government expenditure, from this the government has seen how effective it can be in generating jobs, investment and innovation to grow the State’s economy.

The Industry Participation Policy aims to ensure South Australian businesses are given full, fair and reasonable opportunity to be considered for contracts being undertaken in South Australia resulting from Government expenditure.

Tenderer’s are obligated to complete an Economic Contribution Test, IPP Plan or a Tailored IPP Plan as required by the Responsible Government Agency. Click here to read more about the policy or complete the required templates.

IPP - Standard Reporting Template
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Media releases supporting the Industry Advocate Bill

Industry Advocate Bill
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Consult Australia
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Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors’ Association of SA
Download PDF | 288 KB
Australian Steel Institute
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Australian Subcontractors Association
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Deloitte’s Report
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Tender Ready Report
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Discussion papers

Suppliers as Partners
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Performance Based Tendering Paper
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State Government Building and Construction Projects
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Prequalification and Panel Handbook
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Tender Ready Handbook
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