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Jobs now - jobs of the future.

Jobs now - jobs of the future

Up to $250 million is being invested in local jobs to upgrade science, technology, engineering and maths facilities in our schools.

This will create jobs in the construction industry for South Australian now, and ensure our students will have the skills and knowledge they need for the hi-tech jobs, like defence, that are the future of our State.

Around 75,000 students across 139 schools will benefit from the new and refurbished facilities delivered as part of STEM Works.

School upgrades and capital investments are also underway as part of the STEM program. You can also learn more about how your business can be part of this school capital building program

Skills register seeking employment opportunities for local builders

If you are a local builder who would like to be part of the employment opportunities from the STEM building works program, register your interest by completing the skills register.

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Tendering for government contracts

If you are a local business who would like to tender for government infrastructure building works, including those at schools, contact us to learn more about Supplying to Government Workshops.

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