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What Do We Achieve

A Strong Steel Industry


South Australia has mandated the use of certified Australian Standard steel in all taxpayer-funded projects. Australia’s steel industry was born in South Australia and it is in the national interest to maintain a thriving steel industry in this State for the long-term.

The South Australian Steel Initiative is designed to give the local steel industry a competitive advantage against low quality imports, and the Industry Advocate will continue to monitor compliance of the State Government’s Steel Procurement Policy and conduct audits on steel purchasing to ensure it meets the requirements of the policy.

Small grants of up to $10,000 were provided during 2017 for business capability development to steel manufacturing businesses in the State to diversify and grow. Out of the 25 businesses awarded the grants, 16 have recently employed a total of 70 staff and there are approximately a further 45 jobs to be created over the next 12 months.

The Office of the Industry Advocate will continue an Industry Engagement program supporting all parts of the steel supply chain, consistent with the State Government’s manufacturing strategy.

If your business manufactures, assembles, distributes or installs steel products, ensure you register your business on the SA Product Register.

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