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Public sector spending must always have a strong emphasis on value for money, but value for money should include measures to broaden economic benefit. These include factors such as employment, investment and of course industry development. There must be a broader measure of value when spending is measured across a total spend of government.

On many occasions, cost and the allocation of risk are considered to be the primary drivers of procurement decisions and, in doing so, it can simply create a race to the bottom where other matters are not given the due consideration they deserve.

To integrate design into procurement thinking at the earliest possible stage is a new area for many procurement personnel and one that holds the greatest potential. The objective is to look beyond the process to identify how the engagement between the buyer (the Department) and the supplier can achieve maximum benefit or optimum solutions. Early involvement of design provides a clearer vision with better outcomes and lower risk.

The South Australian Industry Participation Policy has been made even stronger to ensure at the initial design phase State Government Departments are considering what value can be achieved in terms of social and economic outcomes.

This latest initiative will make smart procurement central to the development of public projects, from conception through to delivery, and ensure that maximum economic activity is generated here in South Australia, giving local producers, local entrepreneurs and local businesses every opportunity to be successful.

Whether it is the design of a building, landscaping, an office fit-out or procurement services and systems, this new requirement will mean that design should incorporate social and economic outcomes, and this must be at the forefront of State Government Department’s decision-making process.

There is a direct relationship between design and innovation. Encouraging design provides a catalyst for suppliers to improve their products and innovations solution which in turn, gives them cutting edge products or services marketable to the wider business community.

To support this objective the Office of the Industry Advocate will be actively promoting the use of the SA Product and Services Register. Click here to register.

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