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What Do We Achieve

Industry & Economic Development


A fundamental objective of the Industry Participation Policy is to deliver a greater economic benefit to the State through more jobs, supply opportunities and investment arising from Government’s expenditure by focusing and measuring;

  • employment for residents of South Australia;
  • investment and capital expenditure that builds capacity in the South Australian economy; and
  • use of businesses and supply-chains that employ South Australian residents and invest in the State.

It is about driving employment and investment in goods and services contracts as well as the State’s capital works program. The South Australian Industry Participation Policy has strengthened the economy through industry development and investment attraction.

An important aspect is for procurement staff to move the focus from process compliance to long term impacts and benefits to the State.

To learn more on the how the policy works and how your business can be more successful when quoting and tendering for government contracts, register to attend one of our Supply to Gov Workshops.

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