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State and Local Governments will need to continue to investigate new procurement policy reforms and other initiatives to continue to stimulate the economy by ensuring where possible, Councils procure from locally-based suppliers.

The collective purchasing power of councils in South Australia is quite significant, with expenditure of $340 million on roads, footpaths and kerbing (maintenance and renewal), $289 million on recreation and sport, $193 million on waste and recycling and $125 million on libraries and cultural services per year. It is important to note this does not include goods and services expenditure.

The new Industry Advocate Act 2017 incorporates the following two functions:

  • Encourage the adoption of industry participation principles by Local Government, and;
  • Investigate and monitor compliance with Local Government industry participation policies by participants in contracts to which such policies apply.

The Industry Advocate has been working proactively with Local Government, and there has been some interest from the Local Government sector to adopt similar procurement policies as those contained in the South Australian Industry Participation Policy.


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