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Support for Small Business


Government spending can provide a huge boost for businesses and the community through the flow-on benefits of jobs and additional economic activity. However, businesses need to be aware of and skilled enough to know how to capitalise on these opportunities.

The role of the Industry Advocate is to ensure the Industry Participation Policy is delivering against its objectives while at the same time removing impediments for business and increasing the success rate of local business winning government contracts.

The Office of the Industry Advocate run an Industry Engagement Strategy which includes Meet the Buyer, Supply to Gov Workshops, Ready To Tender and One-on-One Advocacy. To ensure you are kept up to date with the latest events, register for our newsletter, or if you want to learn more on how to be more successful when tendering for State Government contracts through our Supply to Gov Workshops, register your interest at Stay Connected on our Contact Us page.here.

For businesses based within South Australia, register your business now to be a part of the free SA Product and Services Register. This register is to highlight businesses who contribute economically to the State and will be used by State Government agency staff, contract and project managers, as well as specifiers, designers and architects.

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