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SA Product + Services Register

Purchasing from locally-based businesses is a significant way we can contribute to the creation and retention of jobs in South Australia, as well as ensuring economic benefits are retained in South Australia.

What is the SA Product + Services Register?

The SA Product + Services Register is an online directory where all South Australian Businesses can profile their business at no cost and these businesses are promoted to State Government Agencies and Prime Contractors.

The SA Product + Services Register identifies products created, manufactured and supplied from within South Australia, it is designed to measure jobs at each critical point of the supply chain.

The register provides a practical way for anyone who might be designing a building, landscaping, working on an office fit-out, creating a marketing campaign, procuring solar systems, wanting a technology solution or even buying office supplies to find local manufacturers, creation experts and suppliers.

The purpose of the SA Product + Services Register is to raise the profile of all South Australian businesses to the planners of government projects.


What are the Benefits of Being Listed on the SA Product + Services Register?

When you list your business on the register, all State Government Agencies and Primary Contractors can search for your business by product category and geographic area, and find your business with the click of one button. The register will raise the profile of your business, making it easier to find your business.


How Much Does it Cost to be Involved?

The South Australian Product + Services Register is FREE to register and will provide maximum visibility to the State Government and lead contractors that are responsible for purchasing products for projects.


What about the Home Battery Scheme?

Businesses applying to become qualified System Providers through the Home Battery Scheme need to register on the SA Product + Services Register. More information about the Scheme and qualification process is available on the Department for Energy and Mining website


What do I need to do to be involved?

It's completely free to be listed on the register and registration is a simple 3-stage process.


    Sign up to the SA Product + Services Register here.
  2. CREATE:
    Create a landing page on your website that displays your products/services, your contact details and the relevant Office of the Industry Advocate logos (we’ll supply you with more information and the logos when it’s the right time)
    Send us the link to the landing page and we will check it for compliance and activate your profile.


Where can I search for Businesses listed on the Register?

To find search for Businesses on the SA Product + Services Register click here. 


How do I sign up to be listed on the Register?

To sign up to the SA Products + Services Register click on the “Register Your Business” Button at the top of the page or click here.



If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact the Office of the Industry Advocate on 8226 8956, email oia@sa.gov.au or send us a message.


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