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SA Product Register

Make Your Site Compliant

It is up to the business to determine how to apply the appropriate supply chain descriptor. Each product is assessed by what work is conducted within South Australia at each part of the supply chain, as per the description below:

Supply Chain Descriptors


SA Manufacture means the holistic manufacture or fabrication of finished goods is undertaken in South Australia.

SA Assembly means that separate component parts of the end product are put together in South Australia.

Supply or Distribution means the supply and distribution of the product occurs within South Australia.

 Installation means the product is installed within South Australia.

For clarity ‘within South Australia’ means a business based in South Australia or where the work will be predominately carried out by residents of South Australia.

Step 1
After the registration process has been completed and the product has been approved by the Office of the Industry Advocate, the relevant State logo can be assigned individually to each part of the supply chain of the product or any combination, as long as it meets the labour input from the particular business. (i.e. the business registering the product is responsible for the part of the supply chain for the product.)

Please see following examples as a guide:

Custom made cabinet is manufactured, assembled, supplied and installed in SA would attract the following:

Concrete Pavers manufactured, distributed and installed in SA would attract the following:

Office Furniture is Assembled (from components outside of SA), distributed and installed in SA would attract the following:

An air-conditioning unit is supplied and installed within SA would attract the following:

A component for an air-conditioner is distributed within SA would attract the following:

Roofing and Guttering installed in SA would attract the following:

Step 2
Once each product has been accurately assessed for the use of the supply chain descriptors a landing page on the businesses website needs to be created to connect to the Office of the Industry Advocate – SA Product Register: and be correctly assigned to each category on the register eg Lighting Systems or Electrical Equipment.

Each business is authorised to use the Industry Advocate’s logo on the businesses website landing page from the SA Product Register ONLY under the following circumstances:

1. It is used in conjunction with the words: SA Product Register, as per the below example:

  SA Product Register

2. A description of the businesses support is added to the title, for example:

AAA business supports the Industry Advocate’s SA Product Register initiative and have a range of SA products in production every week at our facilities in (SA suburb/town etc), including ………

Under NO circumstances is the Industry Advocate’s logo to be used in any other pages of the businesses website or marketing materials or located next to the businesses logo.

Step 3

Once the landing page has been created by the business, it is emailed back to the Office of the Industry Advocate for final authorisation and once approved, connected to the SA Product Register.


If a website is not kept up-to-date with appropriate logos or if a product has an incorrect logo attributed to it, the Office of the Industry Advocate may determine the business is not complying.

The Office of the Industry Advocate can then determine whether or not there is a valid reason for the non-compliance. If there is not a valid reason, it may decide that a breach has occurred and impose remedies which may include disconnection from the SA Product Register and removal of logos from the offending website. It is important to note the SA Product Register has been established for the Building and Civil Construction industry, however, it will be further developed to incorporate other industries in the future.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of how to make my website compliant and will assess my products accordingly. The Industry Advocate reserves right to seek any reasonable changes to ensure the integrity of the SA Product Register is maintained. I will not copy and paste these logos onto our website, but will embed the appropriate links to the appropriate products.


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