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Steps for registering your business on the SA Product Register are:

  1.  Complete Basic Information form – Step 1

  2.  The Office of the Industry Advocate will conduct a check on the submitted information to ensure it meets requirements.

  3.  The nominated contact person from the business will be sent links to the appropriate State logos with instructions on how to apply the logos to the businesses website. (Please  note to be compliant the links need to be used and under no circumstances are the logos to be copied and pasted onto the businesses website.)

  4.  The Registration of Interest is approved – Step 2 the business updates their website with the logos in line with requirements, creates a landing page and advises the Office of the Industry Advocate when complete.

  5.  The business website will then be checked and if compliant – connected to the SA Product register by the Office of the Industry Advocate.

  6.  The relevant products from the business will now be visible to all State Government staff, Local Government and industry.

It is important to note the first release of the SA Product Register is for businesses associated with the Building and Construction industry. However, Expressions of Interest are being received from all sectors and businesses are encouraged to contact the Office of the Industry Advocate.

Please note it is the responsibility of the business to ensure their website is kept up to date at all times and products are scored appropriately.

The Office of the Industry Advocate welcomes feedback and should you require assistance with registering your business please contact our office at oia@sa.gov.au or call 8226 8956.

Step 1 – Basic Information

Please enter your business details and contact information.

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  • Testimonial - UCI SA The SA Product Register allows State Government procurement staff, architects and designers to view a range of locally manufactured products, including our commercial furniture. UCI is also committed to providing economic benefit to the state through local purchasing and supply. This is a great initiative that helps businesses like ours access more opportunities through State Government tenders. Read More - Brendan Creeney, Director
  • Case Study - Lucesco Lighting Australia Lucesco Lighting Australia is a specialist division of Haneco Lighting Group, both companies employ in excess of 70 direct staff and have their Head Offices based in South Australia. With ... Read More
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Step 1 – Basic Information

Please enter your business details and contact information.

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